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Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa

Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa
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02 September, 2008


The Wind is married to the Sun and residents of Philadelphia must awaken to this fact. How many of you are tired of the current methods of utilities billing assessment? Electrical, gas, heating oil, while living in homes with flat roof tops in Philadelphia.

People residing within Philadelphia properties with flat roof designs its time for a big tea party. The kind that permits you to install a very simple apparatus on top of your flat roof surface. With the velocity of wind experienced within the past two quarters 2008 we are loosing millions of dollars by not harnessing the wind for electrical value. In fact, take a closer look at your current PECO and PGW bill and note the disparities. Have you ever compared it with a neighbors, friend, or family member? Most adults never share, compare or discuss the billing experienced from the local utility providers. Take charge! Change and you will see the urgency of this blog and the objective in establishing the first residential windmill community in Philadelphia.

I understand the excess credit energy gathered can be given to non-profit organization to reduce expenses from traditional billing. Perhaps the additional credit generated by each residential windmill located in Philadelphia best works by given it back to families whom are economically challenged.
What say thee?

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