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Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa

Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa
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02 November, 2008

Windmill(s) you construct for home application with cost under $200.00

Build your own wind power system Wind power is a great backup for when you have long periods of cloudy days. So it makes sense to build a wind generator too!A few cheap items from your hardware store and a couple of hours can give you free green energy from your very own windmill.I have written my instructions in very simple english so that anybody can build this power producing windmill.This windmill can power your household appliances and you can make it for less than $200! In fact, you can build my windmill for as little as $100 by using my secret methods that very few people know about!Not only will you easily make this on your own, it will actually look like a professional built it! This really is THE guide to making a quality windmill. In fact, a few Earth4Energy members are actually selling their homemade windmills for a nice profit!
Store your energy... For free! On top of all the quality information already in my manual I am also going to reveal to you where to get your batteries for free. These are high quality deep cycle batteries which are perfect for storing energy produced by your alternative energy system. In the photo to the left you can see a couple of the batteries I am talking about.
Buying these new can cost you up to $600! But with my secret's you can get these for free just like I do!. You will also learn my secret places to get all the parts you need to build your solar and wind power generator which will really save you a ton of money! For details and blueprint contact or contact go to page 5 for sample photo of assembled windmill

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