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Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa

Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa
at the Liberian Embassy

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15 November, 2012

Lincoln Financial Field VAWT Installation 11-15-2012

 Here's the contrast Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) located on RT 30 on the bay side of the Atlantic Ocean in Atlantic City,  New Jersey.  These are huge versus VAWT which are like micro scale with less safety issues (my opinion) and expanded ability to capture minimal breeze as well as wind!
 The first seven VAWT installed Oct 31st, 2012
met with Governor Tom Corbett earlier and was able to get to installation site to see # 6 and #7 installation from the ground up.

Number 6 and 7 standing tall... the first seven installed two days prior to Hurricane Sandy 2012 without incidence or destruction survived without damage 115 mph wind gust that weekend.  Wow! how I PRAYED for their efficacy and an installation second to none.
Hurricane Sandy WREAKED HAVOC everywhere accept at the Lincoln Financial Field Stadium VAWT  Philadelphia installation site.

AGAIN, great job Jason Kiwak Team Sunora Energyand NRG

n  Lincoln Financial Field Stadium  in Philadelphia PA 
Goes GREEN 2012

 Watching this installation was like watching a baby being born from conception to the cutting of its umbilical cord (when the electrical wires were connected inside the mount)

Drive down I-95 and witness this GREAT Moment in Philadelphia ...The Next Great City

Thank you... GOD for making my dream come true after 17 years of  PUSH...
Mucho Thanks   Jeff and Christina Lurie
                 Don Smolenski, President of Eagles

The VAWT unit on the ground stands 16 feet tall look at its scale in comparison to the man standing next to it.
 Wind Energy Philly Blog in 5th year of operation
stands with a HUGE SMILE after 17 years of passion,
lobbying, courting Ambassador's, CEO's, Engineers, Electric/Mechanical, State Senators and Reps both federal and state, Valerie Jarrett, Chief Advisor, Coast to Coast radio show, and many manufacturers from every direction:

Thank you Oaks Bluff, Martha Vineyard, MA for
The Wind Farm Museum owners Peter and Gerri Tailor who prior to 1989 taught Sustainability and how to help the electrical grid and not pollute the Earth.  This lovely couple provided me the first opportunity to know my recurring DREAMS of installing Windmills on residential and commercial properties could become REALITY.

The Best Day of my Life
at Lincoln Financial Field Stadium's 2nd staging of 14 Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) launched 15 Nov 2012.  All driving on I-95 Philadelphia, PA at the Broad St exist and see the best gift known to Clean Electrical Energy generation.Thank you SUNORA Energy Solutions 

You are looking at unit 9 being installed.  It hoisted from the ground at 1:05 pm and mounted on tower exactly 1:11pm.  Exactly 6 minutes the most perfect installation!

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