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Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa

Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa
at the Liberian Embassy

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12 November, 2013

In 2014, Let's measure real-time Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) electrical generation performance and its contribution to the local power GRID.
When urban buildings embrace massive installation of  helical turbines upon multiple rooftops working in harmony together, future electricity generation awaits improvement of power outage control, safety from cyber attacks and reduced carbon credits once citizens begin Harnessing Wind Power in the City... 

New Paradigms for Powering our Future Electrical Grid

A new, smaller design approaches wind energy from a different direction.
By Molika Ashford, posted January 18th, 2008.
Pedestrians often stop in front of Frank Mauceri’s home and office on Chicago’s North Side, mouths ajar and eyes raised to the sky. He understands the impulse, as he too is often mesmerized by the dual, 10-foot sails silently spinning on his rooftop.
These elegant objects are actually a new class of vertical-axis windmill. They are able to produce electricity in the variable winds of urban environments, unlike the traditional turbines used at large wind farms. By using the twisted-ribbon shape of a helix, these generators overcome the barriers that have impeded the adaptation of other windmill types to small-scale home use, such as noise, impact and price.

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