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Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa

Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa
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20 December, 2012

This is the hottest technology with 
shortest mount made for urban 
properties You will love its compact
size... take a look below:

Hybrid Systems

Systems combining wind and solar energy 
have been made possible by recent technological 
developments.  They are integrated easily into 
most homes and are often linked with a battery
-backup system that provides security in case
 of energy crisis.

Combining renewable resources has numerous 
positive benefits for homeowners. Principal 
among them are:
A.) Increased and consistent energy production
B.) Less required space per installation
C.) Offset,eliminate or reduce monthly electrical 
UGE Hybrid SystemsA natural, negative correlation exists between sun and wind-power generation: when one is high, the other tends to be low. 

The most obvious difference is between day 
and night.  However, on a larger scale, seasonal
changes are equally important.  Shorter days 
and higher average wind speeds limit solar 
production  during winter months, while longer
days and ample sunshine work in its favor in the 
summer. These factors take on greater weight 
when a battery -backup system is in place.  
In this type of system, the energy stored in the 
batteries  needs to be replenished more often 
than what is achievable with a solar-only system.  
This is especially true in locations with extreme 
seasonal variance.  Likewise, owners benefit 
by producing surplus energy, which not only keeps 
energy bills at zero, but can often be sold back 
to the grid for a net profit!

The second advantage relates to the physical 
space required for renewable energy systems 
- the "energy density footprint" in industry lingo. 
For many homeowners, the footprint is a major 
concern. While going green is a great goal, 
many property owners have either limited space 
to install their system or simply do not want a 
renewable energy system to overshadow 
their home or take up a large area of their 

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