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Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa

Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa
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22 December, 2012

Why Small Wind is a Driving Force in 2013

Sustainability teaches each 'The Wind is Married to the Sun why not harness it my Friend' Small Wind roof top mounts on commercial or residential buildings: Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) designs. Captures multi-directional wind flow 17 mph +. Small Wind is a driving force for clean electrical generation. Consider Small Wind conversion into electricity is the next generation of Ben Franklin's work if he were alive, in Philadelphia, today... insist research and development subsidies continue

"The answer my Friend is Blowing in the Wind..." lyrics we, each, must take to market during the 21st century-- due to a growing world of cyber-security and future super storms exposures which cost trillions of dollars per event to restore electrical power outage(s) and replacement from food and overtime labor cost.

Industrial countries electrical vulnerability increases with antiquated grids.  Growing social communication media technology consistently places high peaking electrical demands requiring new resources to ensure improved future cost containment and safety of commerce from loss and mounting insurance claims.

 Most consumers have no clue where or how their source of electric is generated and/or where it comes from: their biggest concern is they have it upon demand, flicking a switch, plugging in an electrical outlet, operating governments and/or hospitals, and during an emergency.  The price for restoration of electricity is mounting each decade.

Lest we focus communication and social media technology adds, daily, larger demands and products require electricity to function. 

Why not help fossil fuels by mastering Small Wind capture conversion into electricity during year 2013 and BEYOND?  

Your children's, children will thank us for preserving the natural resources instead of just operating as if the Earth will never run out of oil, petroleum, coal and trees.
Support Small Wind by measuring its capacity around facility or home. Visit and become an avid reader of 5 years of data posted in Wind Energy Philly Blog,   A modern day pioneer may emerge by knowing you are the first in your community to embrace the soon saturated market of Small Wind. Reflect on how cellphones and cable vision emerged and invest in Small Wind harnessing...
Lets make it easy on you by contacting 617-70-CARIN (22746)     

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