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Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa

Wind Energy Philly, Wilmington, Baltimore, Boston, India, Africa
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13 March, 2013

Ben Franklin and The Electrical Experiment

I had a dream the other night where Ben Franklin actually visited me during my sleep and had a remarkable conversation 'admitting the possibility his experiment was flawed'.  In the quiet state of REM he chatted about the components of his electricity experiment admitting he believed it was flawed and it was a snap decision in concluding it was the thunder that caused the electrical charge but after two centuries he now realizes the one thing not considered makes Wind Energy viable...

Lest we examine the written elements of the original experiment noted by Benjamin Franklin while living in Philadelphia:  Most know about the string, the thunder, kite and the copper key but how has history treated the hidden component?

Let's take a leap back in time and discover the primary factor(s) of his experiment and discover the unspoken: The WIND!  Perhaps the wind played the part of keeping the kite flying and was the only reason ELECTRICITY was experienced during the experiment.  Think about it.  What say thee?

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